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    How much does boiler insurance cost?


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    How much does boiler insurance cost? Empty How much does boiler insurance cost?

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:26 am

    Boiler insurance starts from roughly £6 per month from Southern Power, and goes up from there. For this sort of price you get boiler repairs and emergency call-outs at a fixed cost of £50 per repair.
    Other companies do charge a lot more and you can be paying £9-£12 per month usually, with some unaware people paying up to £25 per month!

    Bear in mind if you can afford to take out a longer period of cover such as 3 years it reduces the cost significantly!

    When you consider that the average boiler call-out cost is around £220, it starts to make sense.

    Take a look at the various products available from Southern Power (we have the lowest prices available) if you don't believe us get onto and compare all the different products out there!

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