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    Reduce Your Gas Bills in 7 Easy Steps!


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    Reduce Your Gas Bills in 7 Easy Steps! Empty Reduce Your Gas Bills in 7 Easy Steps!

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    Reduce Your Gas Bills in 7 Easy Steps! flower

    If you watch the TV we all know that it is essential to spare your energy use these days. Ever rising gas costs make it essential to get the most out of your heating boiler and gas heating system. Your boiler may be accounting for up to one fifty percent of your total gas consumption. Here’s a few easy to action steps to help you get lower energy charges.

    1. Check where you are using the gas heating system.
    Turn off the metal radiator in any rooms which are not used such as the guest room or utility room. There are no disadvantages in not heating rooms which are not used, but there is an advantage in reducing the energy costs to heat your home. If you keep the entrance door closed to the room it will prevent the flow of chilly air around your home.

    2. Switch off a fire if you are using the central heating.
    The fire is not as efficient as the heating boiler and it will not heat the rest of your home. If you think about it the design of a fire incorporates a chimney which allows heat to escape to the outside, an electric fire is nowhere near as cost-efficient as the boiler.

    3. Cut down on draughts by using insulation.
    If you allow cold drafts to come into your home then you need to pay for more energy to heat this air. The first place to look will be your doorways and ensure that any visible cracks are blocked off. A foam based sealer is excellent for closing off any gaps between the brickwork and frame for doors or windowpanes. If you live in an aging home you might be astounded how often these cracks occur. Just light a wax candle in each room and see how the flame flickers to trace down sources of drafts.

    4. Put on more clothing rather than turning up the heating!
    If you are chilly in the room put on some more clothes before you move to increase the thermostatic temperature. A 10% reduction in your energy consumption can easily be attained by reducing your room temperature by 1°.

    5. Temperature can be moderated by using your curtains!
    In the winter make sure that the curtains are open when the sun is shining to heat your home. External temperatures drop at night time and your house can lose a lot of heat through the windows. Closing the curtains provides an insulating layer which helps stop this, saving a small amount each day amounts to a large saving on your heating charges over time. The thicker your curtains the greater for providing this incremental layer of insulation.

    6. Keep what you've paid for!
    You must insulate your heating boiler hot water cylinder if you have one. Do not pay to heat water and then let it cool down throughout the daylight.

    7. Make the most of what you have!
    Radiators warm the wall behind them and this heat loss can be reduced if you put metal foil behind the radiators.

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