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    Boiler Jargon - What it all means! Empty Boiler Jargon - What it all means!

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    Annual CP12 Boiler Safety Certificate : The Annual CP12 Boiler Safety Certificate is required by law to be carried out by landlords every year. Landlords are required to provide a copy to their tenants. This safety certificate confirms that the boiler is safe to be used by the tenants for the period of one year.

    Beyond economical repair : If a boiler is deemed to be ‘beyond economical repair’ then it is not economically feasible to do repair the boiler. This may be because the unit cannot be fixed, or the costs are too high. Usually boiler insurance companies will offer a one-off contribution towards the cost of a new boiler, the amount given varies between policies.

    Boiler : A boiler is a gas, electricity or solid fuel powered heating device that provides hot tap water and home central heating.

    Boiler gas flue
    : A boiler gas flue is the pipe that gets rid of poisonous gases that the boiler produces. It is important that this has no leaks.

    Boiler pump
    : A boiler pump is a mechanical unit which pumps your water through to your boiler for heating, or from a storage tank to your boiler.

    Call-out : One call-out is defined as a single visit to a home by an engineer.

    Carbon Monoxide : Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a gas that has no smell, taste or colour, but it can cause serious harm to yourself and your family. Check our Carbon Monoxide symptoms article to learn how to spot if you have Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Some symptoms include headaches, nausea and blurred vision.

    Cold water storage tank : A cold water storage tank is featured in system-type boilers, and feeds cold water to the hot water heating tank. This will not be included in your boiler insurance cover.

    CORGI : CORGI is the national watchdog for gas safety in the United Kingdom. They aim to make people safer when they use trades people by only giving fully-trained the certified CORGI qualification. Only CORGI gas engineers are legally allowed to repair or service boilers.

    Gas boiler leak
    : A gas boiler leak is very serious, and can cause serious harm or even death. If you suspect your boiler is leaking natural gas then call your boiler insurance company immediately.

    Gas boiler service : All gas boilers should have an annual boiler service, to ensure they are well-maintained and safe. An annual boiler service includes safety checks on the essential boiler components. It is not currently required by law, however it is highly recommended as it will keep your bills down and make your home safe.

    Hot water cylinder : A hot water cylinder is a storage tank that hold the heated water from the boiler, and is only present in system-type boilers.

    Overflow pipe : The pipe that goes from a water appliance, feeding excess water safety from your home into a drain.

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